Great Moments in Comics History: Justice League of America #8

No one liked partnering with The Flash because he always kept his signal device in his front pocket and he always seemed to need help “activating” it.


  1. diebenny diebenny says:

    I think we should leave the Superhero porn announcements to Bleeding Cool, guys.

  2. vromaniii says:

    Green Lantern is just trying to get to Flash’s device… No wonder Flash is calling for an adult.

  3. flakbait flakbait says:

    Just, just a little to the left, Hal.

  4. Mr. Ugly Mr. Ugly says:

    Hal is looking for his “Flash” drive. (Bah-Dump-Hiss)

  5. ctrosejr ctrosejr says:

    I always thought Hal deserved a cock punch, not Barry.

  6. mickmac59 mickmac59 says:
  7. WheelHands WheelHands says:

    Barry loves it when Hal uses his ring hand.

  8. misterckent misterckent says:

    Brokeback Lantern

  9. Those four lines indicating “action” near Barry’s waist are scary.

  10. It’s the pure joy & determination in Hal’s face that just sez it all!!!!!

  11. Okay so slang was different back then so saying stuff like ‘boner’ or ‘gay’ was different back then.

    But COME ON! Someone had to notice this was a bad idea for a drawing.

  12. srh1son srh1son says:

    Which one is being brave and which one is being bold?