Great Moments in Comics History: JLA Versus Predator

JLA Versus Predator (2001)

Proof positive that you can cut off a man’s head, but you can’t cut off his manners.


  1. ToddFrazier ToddFrazier (@toddfrazier) says:

    Let the MODOK and Quato comparisons begin… Nothing phases J’onn.Let’s face it, he knows how to get his head back in the game. Ok, I am done. Great panel, very funny.

  2. brendanohare brendanohare says:

    There is one way to cut off J’onn’s manners apparently, and that’s by relaunching the entire universe. I think now it would read something like “%$*# you! Gimme back my %$*#ing head %$*@#$%@*!” and then he’d kick Superman in the nuts. I miss my favorite Martian Manhunter.

  3. Nightwing97 Nightwing97 says:

    This is why Morrison’s JLA was the best! He even made the ridiculous “Electric Superman” good!