Great Moments in Comics History: JLA Versus Predator

JLA Versus Predator (2001)

Proof positive that you can cut off a man’s head, but you can’t cut off his manners.


  1. Let the MODOK and Quato comparisons begin… Nothing phases J’onn.Let’s face it, he knows how to get his head back in the game. Ok, I am done. Great panel, very funny.

  2. There is one way to cut off J’onn’s manners apparently, and that’s by relaunching the entire universe. I think now it would read something like “%$*# you! Gimme back my %$*#ing head %$*@#$%@*!” and then he’d kick Superman in the nuts. I miss my favorite Martian Manhunter.

  3. This is why Morrison’s JLA was the best! He even made the ridiculous “Electric Superman” good!