Great Moments in Comics History: DC Special Series #8

DC Special Series #8 (1978)

When Batman says the playground closes at 8 PM, he means it.


  1. Surely there are hundreds of thousands of safer ways to get that kid out of that situation. Did Batman really need to risk impaling the kid?

    Unless the ground was made of lava… I seem to recall that being a common problem during my childhood.

    I withdraw my complaint. Batman made the only sensible decision.

  2. The perspective on that this panel is kinda wonky. It loos like Gordon jumped thirty feet into the air or something. Also, why is that kid sitting on the seesaw alone?

  3. I’ll never forgive Christopher Nolan from denying us a scene of Christian Bale catapulting a child off a see-saw in his Bat-Flu Voice.

  4. “Seesaw! Marjorie Daw….” !?!?!?!?!

  5. I have no words for this one….

  6. He’s not the hero the playground needs, but he’s the hero the playground deserves.

  7. “His spined contracted like an accordian on impact, and he’ll be paralyzed from the neck down for life, but we got him over that fence! All part of the job.”

  8. Oh! I got another one!

    Ahem: Would you say this issue is a good…*puts on sunglasses*…jumping-on point?


  9. I love how the kid reacts in each panel:

    PANEL 1: “Wow! It’s Batman I can’t believe it!”

    PANEL 2: “Batman is gonna kill me!!”

    PANEL 3: “What the f**k was that about!?”