Great Moments in Comics History: Batman Family #1

“I like redheads. Their mouths are like a drop of strawberry jam in a glass of milk.”


  1. LucasEwalt says:

    Get back to the Bat-kitchen, Barbara.

  2. Impossibilly Impossibilly says:

    Boy, I wonder how Dick ever got any.

    • edward says:

      Did you mean to do that? If so, nice one

    • BCDX97 BCDX97 says:

      It’s called a neg! Women love it! Didn’t you watch the Pick-Up Artist on VH1?

      Dick got with Starfire after this so he does okay with the ladies. (Supposedly he did get raped by a lady in an issue of Nightwing, but it’s better not to talk about that).

  3. Smasher says:

    This makes Harley Quinn and Joker’s relationship seem normal.

  4. Gerry Lopez Gerry Lopez says:

    That’s brilliant, a story about an old, retired Dick Grayson who is basically Roger Sterling .I would totally buy that.

  5. JokersNuts JokersNuts says:

    Babs is hot. There, I said it.

  6. RecksDeud RecksDeud says:

    “That’s the Batman’s routine…”

    ok, a)The Batman of the 70′s likes under-aged redheads and b) the boy wonder is about two steps away from graduating to slipping girls a spanish fly in their drinks.

  7. emacor72 emacor72 says:

    But it’s better with the costume!

  8. boostergold4 says:

    Had to pull out the long boxes and find all the old Batman Family’s after seeing this article. Does anyone know if these have been collected?

    • Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

      Not as a unit, no. Some stories have been reprinted in various Greatest collections and in the occasional Showcase.

  9. JDC JDC says:

    “What do I do now, Bruce?”

  10. finbarbat finbarbat says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t get it. Does the panel imply that Bruce hit on Babs at one point with the same line?

  11. stevetwo stevetwo says:

    I LOVED Batman Family, particularly because I was there to buy it as it came out. I had a crush on Batgirl, so this was a perfect fix. One aspect of the series I always remember was the occasional romantic banter from Robin, and the inevitable put-down by Babs. In today’s world, that scene would have probably earned national news of Robin sexually harassing a fellow, female worker.

  12. Chuckenigma Chuckenigma says:

    Honestly? I’m a MUCH bigger fan of what happened in the two panels AFTER this one. #butmaybethatsjustme

  13. itsbecca itsbecca says:

    Sometimes the man lives up to his name.

  14. edward says:

    of course, the creepiest part of this is Conor’s caption

  15. Why do I have Stan Lee in my head when reading Conor’s caption?

  16. Jesse1125 Jesse1125 says:

    The look on Batgirls face says it all!
    I like you as a “friend”. Totally not attracted to you, in fact Poison Ivy does more for me than you do.