Great Moments in Comics History: BATMAN #293

Had he known that only D-listers like Killer Moth and Cluemaster were going to be attending this evil trial, Lex Luthor probably wouldn’t have tried to impress everyone so very, very much.


  1. RobotZombie RobotZombie says:

    Lex Luthor has apparently been working out on his Bowflex.

  2. Lex has been raiding Ra’s Al Ghul’s wardrobe again…

  3. I like the use of the term “raiment”. That would never fly today.

  4. boomergirl boomergirl says:

    You know your costume is bad when Killer Moth points it out.

  5. Anville Anville says:

    Is the prosecuting attorney J’onn J’onzz?

  6. uvayankee1 uvayankee1 says:

    The Sinister Sultan of Science may be the best moniker I’ve heard for Lex ever.

    You’d have to tread lightly to keep it from being horribly racist, but I imagine that a literal Sultan of Science character could be fun. He rules a sultanate surrounded by a giant cyclotron, where he searches for elementary particles by night.

  7. Jim Mroczkowski Jim Mroczkowski (@jimski) says:

    So catty. “What a get-up!” said the man in the antennaed balaclava. Oh, girls, you’re both pretty.

  8. Mart Mart says:


  9. This trial is brought to you by the letter L.

  10. mikeandzod21 mikeandzod21 says:

    is that one guy Stan Lee?

    • kennyg kennyg says:

      Nah, Matches Malone I bet. Who’s the guy next to him with the comb-over and Fuhrer stache? It looks like he’s sitting on Dr. Sivana’s lap!

  11. boomergirl boomergirl says:

    One more: That is a bad outfit! Whoo!