Great Moments in Comics History: Action Comics #105

Superman does not have time for sob stories about millions of plates of cookies.


  1. Wow can’t he just open a window for the guy?

  2. flakbait flakbait says:

    “Seriously, you could just disassemble the chimney, then put it back together again! Oh gods my intestines!”

  3. thescimitar thescimitar says:

    Looks like something the Plutonian would do.

    “You want down the Chimney, Fat Man?!” – Irredeemable Christmas Special.

  4. drenboy36 drenboy36 says:

    Superman better not push too hard or he’ll end up eviscerating poor Santa, if not making his torso explode.

  5. Jesse1125 Jesse1125 says:

    Thank god they didn’t use the tag line;
    “Superman fisting Santa down the chimney!”

  6. mickmac59 mickmac59 says:

    When I first saw this, I thought the red boot sticking up in the air was Santa’s. I’m glad it wasn’t – this cover is weird enough.