Graphicly Acquires Double Feature Application and Adds Four Star Studios Titles

It’s another exciting day at Graphicly HQ (iFanboy’s parent company) as we’re pleased to announce the acquisition of the Double Feature comics application for iOS, developed by Four Star Studios.

But that’s not all! Joshua Emmons, the developer behind Double Feature, has joined Team Graphicly and the amazing genre comics featured in Double Feature, like Action Double Feature #1 will now be available across the Graphicly platforms.

Joshua Emmons has already begun working at Graphicly. He has joined the development team and has already helped to bring comics to Apple Newsstand. If you’re a user of Double Feature and you’ve checked out The Walking Dead or Savage Dragon or any of the other titles available on the Newsstand, you can already see Joshua’s impact on the iOS products, and with Joshua now on board, there’s a lot more to come from Graphicly and the iOS platform. You can expect to see some great things to come for the iPhone and iPad in the future!

The Double Feature application will continue to be available in the Apple iTunes App store, for fans of the platform and the comics published there.  Graphicly users can also expect to see the titles from Four Star Studios available for purchase and enjoyment on any of our other apps and

Check out Action Double Feature #1 featuring “The Answer” by Dennis Hopeless and Mike Norton & “Jack Kraken” by Tim Seeley and Ross Campbell:

Check out Sci-Fi Double Feature #2 featuring “Brigantine” by Joshua Emmons and Mike Norton & “Piper 2.0” by Tom Stillwell and Jethro Morales:



  1. Awesome!
    I really, really hope this catches on, as it is an incredibly cool option to see the pages in each process of production. This really is the perfect example of the way digital can actually ENHANCE the experience and offer something unique from print.

  2. I’ve been waiting a long time for an iFanboy story on Double Feature Comics as they are the only people doing digital copies properly. An article like this is as good a story as any! Congrats Josh Emmons and Tim Seeley! you guys put out an amazing product and i buy every single issue! Now please iFanboy, cover this app more often! it deserves FAR more attention than it’s been getting!

  3. Nice! Love the Double Feature comics.

  4. People clamoring for 99 cent digital comics, here you go.

  5. Oh very cool. I recently read The Liar and it was great.

  6. Sounds worth a try at that price.