Find FEAR ITSELF Today — In The Back Issue Bin!

Over the past few weeks, Marvel has been beating the drums leading up to their seven-issue event series Fear Itself. You've got two A-list creators, and a host of secondary miniseries, tie-ins and one-shots. The event kicks off with a prologue book in March, but what if I was to tell you Fear Itself is already in your comic store — hidden amongst the back issue bins?

OK, maybe I'm being a bit of a wisegiu here, but give me a moment to explain. Fear Itself takes its name from the famous quote by President Franklin D. Roosevelt — but as smart as the creators of the series might be, they're not the first ones to use it.

DC used the phrase as the subtitle of a 1999 Green Lantern series by Ron Marz and Brad Parker. Marvel itself has used it on two occasions — once with the 1992 graphic novel Spider-Man: Fear Itself (sporting a creative team of Gerry Conway, Stan Lee and Ross Andru!) and another web-crawling one-shot from just two years ago called The Amazing Spider-Man: Fear Itself. That doesn't count a recent Batman novel AND a recent Doctor Who novel sporting the same name.

The 2011 event series Fear Itself might be about fear, but if there's one thing that Marvel isn't afraid of — the title.

(Although I wouldn't object to seeing more of whatever's going on in that cover on the right. Here's a couple pages from this out-of-print marvel – Bikini Clad Baron Zemo!)


  1. Bikini Clad Zemo is Fear Itself.

  2. A bald zemo eh? I wonder if carpet matches the drapes?

  3. I’m frighteningly aroused…is that bad?

  4. Yeah I never need to see that image of Zemo ever again.

  5. I actually did think of this when it was announced. I figured they were just using an old trademark simply because they had it. didn’t realize DC had books with the same name. I guess it’s not a trademark issue because the character name is technically part of the title in all of the previous stories.

  6. Green Lantern: Fear Itself came out in 1999. it was reprinted this week as a 100 page spectacular

  7. What’s uh…what’s ‘ol Doc Oc doin there with MJ?

  8. @mosteXtremeBrian: Looks like hes about to try out for an anime.

  9. Fear Itself was also a pretty awesome psychedelic rock band.

  10. wisegiu …. I believe someones hand slipped.