The Best of the Week in Covers – 04.18.2012

Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry. Cover, covers, cover, covers. Fringe on top.

Prophet #24
By Giannis Milonogiannis

An otherworldly image from the young superstar behind Old City Blues. And it arrives just in time for the big-giant-head resurgence heralded by Prometheus. I love how tiny Prophet is in this image, reinforcing just how sprawling this brave new world truly is.

Rachel Rising #7
By Terry Moore

It’s heartening to see Rachel Rising jettison the super-saturated green of its first arc of covers in favor of something a little less…that. This sickly yellow sky is much easier on the eyes. As a result, that blood red swath of grass is far more striking. Totally unnerving in the best of ways.

Dark Horse Presents #11
By Francesco Francavilla

The Black Beetle takes flight! The sheer pulp quotient is so high you might miss the dirigible floating over the city-scape. It’s weird typing this, but I like the compositional cues created by the skylights and the swastika emblem. It suggests additional movement beyond the tussle at center. Lastly, those colors. It’s an unusual palette, but I love that turquoise against the chocolatey red.

Peanuts #4
By Charles M. Schulz, Iain R. Morris

There’s always been this strange sexual tension between Lucy and Snoopy. It’s not quite present in Peppermint Patty’s misguided attraction in the dugout. So there’s something extra to the fury displayed here.

The Manhattan Projects #2
By Jonathan Hickman

I love that these covers read as buttons. That you slam with the meat of your fist. To activate something. To initiate something drastic and potentially catastrophic.


  1. Watch out “Avengers vs X-Men”, this “Snoopy vs Lucy” battle looks just as epic. Love it!

  2. i never thought of the Manhattan Projects covers as Buttons…but i like that take a lot. I’m not sure that i get the flat sliver on the lefthand side of the button…i mean its a cool form, but i just don’t get what its supposed to be. For this particular cover that “SS” logo is pretty bold….It says everything thats needed about pure evil without having to slap a swaztika on there.

    Love the coloring on Rachel Rising.

    Great crop of covers as usual.

  3. Love the Dark Horse Comics presents cover……not digging the Manhattan Projects one so much.

  4. All these covers are great. My cover of the week was the Walking Dead, I read it in trade and normally skip right over it in the store. Seeing the cover for this week stopped me in my tracks.

  5. filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Kaboom! are putting out really good books. I hope they are selling well outside the direct market.

  6. Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising is a great series & the cover follow this colour range for the next few issues!

    Also top quality on Prophet & The Manhattan Project swell.

  7. Prophet has that Moebius look about it…fantastic

  8. Be Cautioned: Those Manhattan Projects covers can be confused as drink coasters to the untrained eye. I had a copy of issue #1 laying on my coffee table and my grandmother placed her tea cup on it. Needless to say, WW III was on the verge of starting…C’mon granny…Geesh!

    Another great assortment of cover this week!

  9. Great, thanks to Paul I can’t read a Peanuts comic ever again!

  10. The new issue of Wonder Woman had an awesome, poster worthy cover.

  11. Uuugggghhh!!! I had my guy at the ol’ LCS hold me a copy of DHP but only if it was the Francavilla cover as The Black Beetle and it being created, written and drawn by him was my motivation for buying this DHP, glad to see it made this list and funny you mention the turquoise against the chocalaty red, (I say mint on burgundy) but have a fixation with those shades together, my kitchen is a mint/turquoise and wanna do a room in all medium burgundy w a mint accent wall. I’m really interested in this Prophet series but haven’t read any so I’ll wait for a nice HC collection or omnibus, if they don’t make one then tpb’s. And I read Manhattan #1 and decided to wait for the trade on this one although I’m reading things about #2 that make it hard not to go back for, one of my two LCS’s orders more copies of indie books than any shop I’ve seen, they still got Saga #1 1st printings, he just says they’ll sell eventually. I love it, no pressure on me missing those less in print. That Rachel Rising cover is a nice color scheme too, that marigold into a canary yellow almost against a crimson is sexy.

  12. Good picks.

  13. Did anyone else ruin their Manhattan Projects with sweaty fingers? When I closed the book I lifted the black ink right off the cover . . . was pissed, kinda still am.

  14. At my local comic book store, the few Manhattan Project #1’s that they had in stock had some pretty dirty covers with the fact that its pure white and everybody picks a copy up, flips through the pages, then puts it back down. So I have not even began to read the fisrt issue.