We’ve been bullish on Venom from the start, with Rick Remender and Tony Moore handling duties, we were looking at something much greater than it’s title would suggest. Then they brought on Tom Fowler to sub for Moore, and we never even felt a bump. It’s a wonderful confluence of story and cartooning.

Today, we’ve got a look at this exclusive preview from Venom #7, showing yet another wonderful group of pages, each telling its own little story. Makes me want to know more…

Venom #7 is in stores on September 21, and will cost you a cool $2.99.






  1. Ohhh Pretty

  2. looks like some fun action sequences.

  3. Looks like we have a Batman crossover with Jim Gordon in the beginning…

  4. I’m assuming some kind of “Spider-Island” nonsense is still going on. Personally, I prefer Fowler to Moore. I only buy this book when he draws it.

  5. That arts gorgeous. Really enjoying this book.

  6. This website and this Venom book got me back into comics again=) Thanks Ron, Josh, Conner, Rick and Tony.