One of the most enjoyable mini-series from Image Comics that began in 2010 for me has been Sweets by Kody Chamberlain.  Clearly a labor of love, Chamberlain has crafted together a world, set in New Orleans, that you simply can get lost in while reading, savoring the amazing artwork and watching the crime tale unfold.

Issue #4 of Sweets is scheduled to hit comic book stores this week, and Image Comics has provided an exclusive sneak peek at the first 9 pages for everyone to take a look at .  As you can see in the pages below, Chamberlain's art style not only sets the tone for the story masterfully but moves the story forward with edge of your seat action and intrigue. 

SWEETS #4 (of 5)
32 pages – Full Color – $2.99



Check out this exclusive preview of Sweets #4





  1. deezer deezer says:

    This looks great, definitely picking up the trade (I unfortunately have no real store or else I’d get it immediately)

  2. origamikid origamikid says:

    Sweets is a brilliant title, Kody has been knocking it outta the park!

  3. djd djd says:

    I don’t even need a preview: this has been so good, I’m already determined to double-dip (something I usually only do for Morrison and Brubaker).

    Thanks for spreading the word though!

  4. MegaPhilip MegaPhilip says:

    This is one of my most anticipated trades. Cannot wait!