Exclusive Preview: RESURRECTION MAN #11

Hot as Hell out there, making this a perfect opportunity to tour the storied Soder soft drink factory in good ol’ Viceroy, USA. But this little excursion is more than refreshing for troubled hero Mitch Shelley. Because Viceroy isn’t just a sleepy American town with a world renowned bottling company. It’s also the home of a very important laboratory. Next week, Mitch meets his maker, the source of his curious powers. But will our amnesiac hero like the answers that await in that twisted tower?

We’ll find out next week in DC Comics’ Resurrection Man #11 by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Jesus Saiz.

Written by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning
Art by Jesus Saiz
Cover by Pete Woods
Color/32 pages/$2.99

• Mitch and Kim are on a desperate search for the TRANSHUMAN!

• The BODY DOUBLES attack!

Now, how’s about an exclusive preview of the issue from DC Comics?


  1. I’ve been reading the older issues of this series (from the 90s) and it’s quite fantastic. Cool to see them bringing back some concepts from it.

    • I was a big fan of that 90s series, have almost the entire run and was sad when they cancelled it. It seemed like DC really wanted to push RM and it just never caught on. The best thing about the new series is that it’s still written by the guys who created the original. Because of RM, I will always be a fan of Abnett and Lanning.

  2. Hooker is not exactly the scariest name for a villain…

  3. Loving this series, along with Suicide Squad it’s one of the little gems of the New 52…Pity theres only a few issues left.

  4. Is this book ending? If so,sucky, I have enjoyed this alot.