Exclusive Preview: LEGION LOST #7

You have to feel for those Legionnaires, lost in time thousands of years before their own epoch and still expected to save the day! Then there’s the chore of keeping the ill-tempered members of the team in line. Like next week, when Timber Wolf pops his leash.

Today we’re proud to present an exclusive preview of Legion Lost #7, due on shelves next week!

While the castaways might not be able to respond to a desperate telekinetic distress call, incoming writer Tom DeFalco arrives to heed the need for a little new blood. While there remains some old business from the initial arc, this is another great opportunity to hop on board and join some of the best Legionnaires for their ongoing adventures in the modern DCU.

Well, DC, Tellus all about it!

Written by Tom DeFalco
Art by Pete Woods

Color/32 pages/$2.99
Mar 14 2012

New writer Tom DeFalco (Spider-Girl, SUPERMAN BEYOND) comes on board to take LEGION LOST to new heights! The hulking member Tellus receives a distressing, telepathic cry for help from a woman being tortured. So why does the Legion refuse to come to the rescue?

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. “Well, DC, Tellus all about it!”

    i winced and laughed at the same time. Good one sir!

  2. I’m sort of excepted to see what DeFalco is going to do with this book. Though from the preview he definitely seems to be relying on exposition a little too heavily at least at the start.

  3. Tom Defalco!!!!! I’m totally buying this. Do I need to have read the previous issues???