Exclusive Preview: All-Star Western #14

Today we give thanks for Gotham of yesteryear.

We give thanks for criminal psychology and anemic academia in the sordid back streets. We give thinks for Amadeus Arkham and his pursuit of truth.

We are ever grateful to not be the man called Jekyll or the monster called Hyde. Down on bended knee, we are grateful to not be beholden to a cruel stone called the Black Diamond. One personality covers all the bases, thank you.

We give thanks for that isthmus of flesh fording the surly gap between a bounty hunter’s upper and lower lip. For each of his storied scars. For his taciturn ways. For his relentless drive. For the man named Jonah Hex.

Most of all, we give thanks for this exclusive preview of next week’s All-Star Western #14 from DC Comics.

Written by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Moritat
Backup Art by Phil Winslade
Cover by Ariel Olivetti

40 pages/Color/$3.99

• The Black Diamond continues its journey through DC’s history as it shows up in 19th century Gotham.
• Someone has stolen the Black Diamond that Doctor Jekyll uses to create his infamous potion, and he’s hired Jonah Hex to track it down!
• While Hex follows the trail of Gothamites under the influence of a bootleg copy of the potion, Amadeus Arkham must face the mad doctor on his own.

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. Is this a new inker or colourist? Its the best looking Moritat art I’ve seen since the series started. Its not all grey and brown for a start.

  2. I’ve enjoyed the book but not nearly as much as the Jonah Hex run that came before it.

    That being written, my favorite issues of the series have been #0 and #13. I’m excited for this issue.

    • Same here. I have the 70 issues of Jonah Hex that came before All Star Western and I enjoyed that run far more than I’m liking this book. But #13 was the best issue so far in my opinion so I’ll continue to stay with it for now. Urban Jonah Hex doesn’t interest me as much as wandering/traveling Jonah Hex did.

  3. Someone help me out….the Black Diamond….is this the Eclipso black diamond we’re talking about? The solicit copy makes it sound like I should know more about this Black Diamond than I do.