EXCLUSIVE: Oni Press Announces New Ongoing: The Secret History of D. B. Cooper

If you've been keeping track of the news recently, you my have heard that the FBI has announced some leads in the 40 year old case of D.B. Cooper, the man who mysteriously hijacked a plane and parachuted away with $200,000 over the Pacific Northwest.  It's one of those classic American unsolved mysteries, but Oni Press has something to say about that.

Today Oni Press announces the new ongoing series, beginning in March 2012: The Secret History of D.B. Cooper, by Brian Churilla.  Oni revealed that this book has been in production for some time and that the recent news from the FBI is an attempt to discredit the upcoming comic series, which promises to tell the tale of D.B. Cooper, who has become a mythic folk hero, revealing that the "D.B. Cooper Incident" was not a hijacking and extortion plot.  Rather, D.B. Cooper was a covert operative whose actions nearly changed the course of human history

We had a chance to chat with Brian Churilla about The Secret History of D.B. Cooper where he gives iFanboy the exclusive scoop:

Running Time: 22:01
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Below is the full series information from Oni Press, along with 6 exclusive sneak peeks at artwork from the upcoming series!

The Secret History of D. B. Cooper
Written and illustrated by Brian Churilla
Full color, 22 pages
Monthly starting in March 2012

ABOUT THE FIRST ISSUE: The most infamous hijacker of all time, D.B. Cooper remains on the FBI’s most-wanted list nearly forty years after the alleged crime. For the first time, the secret history of the man and the truth regarding the hijacking will be revealed. During the height of the Cold War, a fringe group within the CIA wages a crusade on the deadliest battlefield of all: the human mind. D.B. Cooper participated in a campaign of subterfuge wherein altered states of consciousness were used to assassinate Soviet targets from afar. But as Cooper deteriorates mentally and physically, the line between two worlds blurs, and he becomes a rogue agent.

This mind-bending account of the legendary outlaw’s exploits is not to be missed!




  1. You guys love D. B. Cooper

  2. I’m down. I know the guy committed a criminal act but I hope his true identity is never discovered.

  3. Great idea for a book.

  4. That is some incredible timing. I propose that Brian Churilla is DB Cooper.

  5. I knew you guys would be excited for this

  6. so hold on wait, is Oni actually saying the FBI is legitimately trying to discredit a fictional comic book? if so i want to kno who in the FBI decided they should worry themselves with COMIC solicits, either way… awesome!

  7. I’ll see what the pull list is like in 2012.  It definitely sound interesting enough to pick up.  Man, Oni is putting out some great stuff lately.

  8. @ed209AF  I’m wondering the same thing.

  9. Very excited to see more Churilla artwork! Love this guy’s style. The story sounds whack enough to be awesome. Seems like 2012 is going to be a great year for some creator owned work.

    For those that are interested in this book, be sure to check out Brian Churllia’s previous work with Phil Hester. The Anchor remains one of my favorite series, yet it remains severely unerrated.

  10. Hey, guys, thanks for the kind words! This book has been in the works for a while (we’re well into production on issue 3) and I’m very excited to have the news finally out. Brian is a singular voice in comics and I can’t wait to share his amazing work on this book with all you guys.

  11. I am endlessly fascinated by the D.B. Cooper case…ever since Robert Stack first told me about it on Unsolved Mysteries. So I am very intriuged by this book. Especially with Churilla’s artwork, I loved what he did on The Anchor 

  12. I’d be so into this book if they didn’t have to include mignola rip-off supernatural stuff

  13. What is the music up on this podcast?! Way good!