EXCLUSIVE! Image Expo: PHONOGRAM: THE IMMATERIAL GIRL from Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, & Matt Wilson

Earlier this week, we posted a teaser promising “One More Time” and featured the creator names Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Matt Wilson.

This creative team is best known for working together on Phonogram from Image Comics, and speculation ran rampant as to what that teaser meant. Could it be more Phonogram? A new and different title all together?

Now the wait is over.

Today at the Image Expo, Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson announced the third volume of Phonogram would in fact be a reality. Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl brings Gillen, McKelvie and Wilson back together for another go around with the music equals magic concept behind Phonogram.

Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl will be a six issue miniseries and will be a part of the greater Phonogram story that Gillen and McKelvie began years ago.

Personally, as a fan, I’m delighted. Phonogram has been one of my favorite comics of the past decade and I thought we’d never see more from this team, so I’m ecstatic to see them back together and if the image shown to the right is any indicator, it’s going to be fantastic.

Curious about Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl, I chased down writer Kieron Gillen to get the scoop as to what we can expect.  Gillen was kind enough to forward me the text of his blog post, which explains it all (and I encourage you to go check it out as it’s filled with Gillen-esque wit).

Here are the major highlights about Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl from Kieron Gillen:

Firstly, yes, we confirm it will be awesome.

It’s primarily about the war between coven queen witch Emily Aster and the half of her personality she sold to whatever lies on the other side of the screen. It’s about identity, eighties music videos and further explorations of Phonogram’s core “Music = Magic” thesis. There is horror. There are jokes. There are emotions. There may even be a fight sequence. It also takes A-ha’s Take On Me with far too much seriousness – which, for us, is the correct amount of seriousness.

We’re not talking about single-issue format yet. In fact, we may not talk about it at all and have it a surprise what you find inside each time. We hate to repeat ourselves.

And Gillen addresses the biggest question of all that’s been on the minds of everyone:

And finally: we said we couldn’t do any further Phonogram. We’re doing more Phonogram. What’s changed? Circumstances have changed. Sorry to play enigmatic, but it’s just financial stuff and the day when the most important thing about Phonogram are lines on a graph is the day the little Phonofairy dies.

The most important reason for our return? Phonogram felt like unfinished business. While each volume stands alone, knowing we were so close to giving a little closure to Emily, Kohl and the rest was more than we could bear.

So we’re doing it again.

One more time.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go call Jamie McKelvie and see if I can talk him out of drawing Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl digitally….



  1. Aww crap I didn’t even think about Jamie drawing all digitally now 🙁 At least I got a page from the Singles Club.

  2. Can I just say hell YES! I had a feeling that Emily was a character that they had more to say about. Her issue in the Singles Club felt that way. Now that I actually have a LCS I think I can convince him on getting these in!

    @Gobo Ditto

  3. Hot damn! Christmas is coming twice this year!

  4. Literally jerking to picture here, I’m so hyped.

  5. @Ron I need you to do me a favour. If you talk Jamie McKelvie out of the digital way. Tip me off before anyone else, so I can get in on that action as well.

    After all how much wall space can you possibly have?

    I am more than a little bit excited by the re-arrival of Phonogram.

  6. I’ve been wanting in excuse to buy the first two trades and read this for a while now, so here we are . . .

  7. Read an issue of downloading it on comixology, stopped myself from downloading the second one: ordered the first two trades online; they should arrive in a few days and I can’t wait!!

  8. I haven’t been this excited in months. These three working together is fantastic. These three working together on more Phonogram is perfect.