Download ALL the SMALLVILLE Season Premieres for FREE on iTunes


Want to do some quick catching up before the series finale of Smallville on Friday? Don't have time time or cash to spend on the entire ten year run? Well, iTunes has got a deal for you! Right now (and for who knows how much longer) you can download all TEN season premiere episodes of Smallville… for free.

Click here to get the free episodes!

Don't want to watch 'em all? Don't have time? Understandable. Might I suggest just downloading and watching the pilot before the big event? That's what I'm going to do. And, hey, never seen the show before? Now's your chance–I say you should watch the pilot too and see what all the hubbub is about!

Thanks to Dom Gazzuolo for the head's up.


  1. This is awesome!  Of course I have all of the season’s on dvd already, but this means i can put some of the best episodes of the series on my iphone for on the go viewing!

    Anyone on the fence about watching SMALLVILLE this Friday should check these out!  The season premieres never disappointed!

  2. I avoided this show for years – Lois and Clark anyone? – but my sister bought me seasons 1-4 on DVD last summer, and i’ve really enjoyed it. Plan on picking up all the rest – but would watching these premieres spoil too much? The season 2-4 premieres all seem to be cliffhung.

  3. @Duncanldunno – All the premiere’s are really high quality.  They always seemed to stretch the budget the most on them and always had the top directors and writers do them.  That said, you will spoil certain story points if you just watch them alone.  The finale’s always ended on big cliffhangers that usually get resolved in the following season’s premiere.

  4. Thanks! Hopefully there’s no hidden costs or charges later from iTunes…..

  5. No UK freebies, unfortunately 🙁

  6. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Alas and alack for the Uk.

  7. @Superyan – decided to keep a little mystery in my life and not watch these premieres. 

    I was in a Wal-Mart today, and they have the seasons marked at 15.00 each – of course 5 and 6 were gone, but I picked up 7 and 8, so if I can mail order the others, i’ll have a very busy ‘rest of May’ on my ass in front the DVD machine. 

  8. Not free in Canada. The “Free Season 1-10 Premieres” page is in our iTunes store, but they aren’t free.