DC Comics Announces 52 #0 Issues and Four New Series for September

Hey, remember last September when DC Comics released 52 new #1 issues? Completists, get your bags and boards ready, because it’s about to happen again. No, it’s not another reboot or relaunch. But DC Comics is preparing to unleash another 52 new books in September.

This time, they’re doing the indomitable Brian McKnight one better and starting it back at zero.

That’s right. #0 issues.

Batman Incorporated #0 cover by Chris Burnham

Each existing book in the current DC Comics roster will pause for a special one-shot set in or around the characters’ origin. These books will all be labeled #0. Presumably, the books will return to their normal numbering and previously scheduled programming in October. The #0 cover treatments we’ve seen depict younger takes on the characters bursting through desaturated versions of their #1 covers, similar to the Batman Inc. #0 cover seen above.

In addition, DC is launching four new ongoings, also starting at #0. Note: We’re amending this list from DC’s Source Blog based on Scott Snyder’s comments on Twitter; While he has a story-by credit for Talon, the scripts will be written fully by James Tynion IV.

 TALON – Writer: Scott Snyder and co-writer James Tynion IV. Artist: Guillem March.
Meet Calvin Rose, the only Talon to ever escape the grasp of the Court of Owls. This former assassin of the Court is trying to live a normal life … but that’s impossible when he’s being hunted by his former masters!

SWORD OF SORCERY – Writer: Christy Marx. Artist: Aaron Lopresti.
Featuring the return of Amethyst, Amy Winston leads a strange life on the road with her mother and resents it. She’s about to learn it’s all been necessary when she discovers she’s the lost princess of Gemworld—and she’s being hunted by her murderous aunt. With a back-up story written by Tony Bedard with art by Jesus Saiz, set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the monstrous warrior Beowulf is charged with finding and defeating the evil Grendel.

THE PHANTOM STRANGER – Writer: Dan DiDio. Artist: Brent Anderson.
Spinning out of his recent appearances in JUSTICE LEAGUE and DC’s Free Comic Book Day story, learn more about the true origin of The Phantom Stranger and his connection to the mysterious Pandora.

TEAM SEVEN – Writer: Justin Jordan. Artist: Jesus Merino.
Set in the early days of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, threads of the entire DC Universe collide. As Superman emerges, so does the world’s counter measures against him and his kind. Team 7 is comprised of Dinah Lance, Amanda Waller, Steve Trevor, John Lynch, Alex Fairchild, Cole Cash, Slade Wilson — and their story will change everything you know about DC COMICS-THE NEW 52.


  1. I like the zero issues, it should be a good way to sample some books I’ve overlooked. I’m not real enthused about the new titles. I loved some of the old military-oriented Team 7 books by Chuck Dixon, but this sounds like something a bit different.

    Is anyone familiar Christy Marx or Justin Jordan?

    • I never heard of Christy Marx before, but Justin Jordan was the writer on the awesome The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode. I approve.

    • The more I think about what Team 7 meant to the WildStorm universe back in the day, the more my brain is coming around on this new book. It’s on my radar.

    • Christy Marx created Jem

      No, not J’emm, Son of Saturn – [url=http://io9.com/5916819/this-september-the-creator-of-jem-will-write-dc-comics-most-1980s-fantasy-heroine]Jem and the Holograms[/url]

    • Knowing that about Marx makes me want to buy it twice much, and I was already in for all but Talon.

  2. are books getting cancelled to make room for these new series?

  3. Zero issues?! I predict DC bringing back holo foil covers next! 😉

    • “Zero issues?”
      “More Wildstrom concepts shoehorned into DC continuity?”
      “Okay, so hopefully this will take the taste of Batman Forever out of people’s mouths, maybe give them a better impression of what DC is all about…”
      “Hey, by the way, I’m watching the news last night, and can you believe that about O.J.?”
      “Yeah…wait, what–?…”
      “I know, HIS BLOOD was at the crime scene, but NOOO, he’s ‘INNOCENT’…Yeah, right…”
      “Anyways…I know it’s only been a few months, but do you miss Far Side as much as I do?”
      “Yeah, Jim?”
      “What…the HELL are you talking about?”
      “Bob, it’s not 1995 anymore.”
      “Well…you could’ve fooled me!”

      Yes, Bob, but not the rest of us…

    • *sigh* And add Resurrection Man to the list. Pity, since I’ve enjoyed this new iteration of the character almost as much as I did pre-DCnU

      I think only the Superman and Young Justice lines are left to be announced. I’d guess the Superman line is safe for now, so my money is still on Legion Lost to be the fourth casualty if DC is doing a 1:1 swap on cancelling titles to make room for the four new ones announced.

  4. What 4 titles will be cancelled?

    • This is just speculation based on artists current assignments (so pretty thin rationale as DC has been willing to move artists around), but Guillem March is the current artist on Catwoman, right? And Jesus Saiz just left Birds of Prey to take over Resurrection Man. Jesus Marino had been kicking around on something too, I think.

      So I could see Talon as some kind of replacement for Catwoman in the Bat-line, and Phantom Stranger or Sword of Sorcery as a replacement for Resurrection Man in the Dark line.

      But now that I think about it, have all the new books matched with cancellations? Are we still at 52 regular ongoing books? The changes have happened so piecemeal over the year, I’ve lost track (which is probably kind of the point).

    • I heard rumors that JLI will be cancelled. Team 7 seems the obvious replacement for that.

    • JLI’s cancellation isn’t a rumor, it was confirmed in the last round of solicits.

    • @Ken The “Second Wave” didn’t match up with the cancelled titles, but they are still publishing 52 on-goings (unless National Comics is an ongoing, but it seems more like a series of one-shots). Resurrection Man still seems like a pretty safe bet if they are cancelling 4 titles. JLI, Captain Atom, and maybe Blue Beetle Are good guesses. JLI has pretty strong sales still, so maybe not. One of Liefeld’s titles could be on the chopping block, too.

    • I really hope this isn’t the case with Catwoman although March leaving the book alone will hurt the title

    • JLI is confirmed to be canceled, but the other three are still being decided on, per DiDio…

      My purely speculative guess: Captain Atom, Legion Lost, Voodoo…. possibly Savage Hawkman or Grifter.

      Blue Beetle has enough of a presence in the Young Justice cartoon now that I’d be surprised if they cut him just yet. I’d hate to lose Resurrection Man, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets cut, though.

    • If they cancel Catwoman I won’t even be buying comics anymore. It’s like the main, most important comic I buy and the reason I got into comics recently. LOL I love Catwoman! If Guillem March stops working on it than that would really suck. Can’t artists work on two comics at the same time? Can’t him doing something else not mean anything? I really hope Talon isn’t a replacement, because none of the new titles really work as a replacement for me. Now I’m worried and anxious!!! DAMMIT!!!!!! LOL I hope they don’t cancel Voodoo but I’ve been prepared and expecting it for a while. Just as long as it gets a conclusive finale I guess I’ll be happy.

    • I’m with you, if they cancelled Catwoman now I wouldn’t give DC another cent for a least a year or two. Luckily, ha well that rumor started right here in these comments, and is mindbogglingly impossible. The book sells great, it’s just getting started, Catwoman is in a movie this summer, Catwoman is safe.

      That said, March was kicking ass in that book, it’s too bad he only drew 10 issues (since there were 2 fill ins).

    • Yeah but don’t you think he might still be the artist he’ll just be drawing two comics? Do artists do that? LOL It doesn’t seem impossible, but I’m new to comics. Maybe he could go back in forth with the other two artists. The women who drew 7 & 8 and whoever the “new” writer might be. I don’t know much about this stuff so I could just be spouting gibberish. LOL I didn’t know the girl who drew Catwoman for those two issues was a fill-in. I knew she was filling in for him but I thought she was just a second artist to draw the comic. Can’t Guillem just draw both of them and have this new artist alternate between different issues?

    • Ghost Rider had a movie too, was his book safe? Nope. I don’t have high hopes for Catwomen.

    • Except the relaunch Ghost Rider was canceled four years after the movie came out, it was Marvel, I think Batman and his family of characters are much more popular, The Dark Knight Rises is one of the most anticipated movies of “this” year so it’s happening right NOW and Batman’s seemingly been made even more popular not only by those movies but also Batman: Arkham City which featured Catwoman as well. Plus, Anne Hathaway’s a well respected Oscar nominated (which means something to some people, and I think it’s a good thing) actress playing Catwoman and I know some people are curious to see how she portrays her. Sorry I don’t see any comparison to Ghost Rider and it’s cancellation. I don’t know much about Ghost Rider but that’s what I remember. Even if he got canceled and apparently can’t hold his own series, he’s still not in the same league as Batman. They are completely different superheroes. I mean, that’s just how I see it.

    • Newsarama just released a preview of solicitations for SOME of the zero issues… You can now add Captain Atom to the cancellation list.

      I wonder if we’ll see one or two more when the rest of the solicits are posted.


    • I won’t complain. Last time DC did a zero issue, we got Starman. If one of these are just that, then why complain?

    • And Flash #0 is one of the best one shot comics ever…

    • Sexual Harras-ment

    • Haha yeah we got Starman but we also got:

      Extreme Justice (debuted three months later, making it the last “0” issue after Zero Hour)
      R.E.B.E.L.S. ’94 (replacement for L.E.G.I.O.N. ’94)
      Manhunter (Chase Lawler)
      Primal Force

      The chances of a Starman or a Xenobrood…hmmm with the current editorial staff I am pretty sure I know what I would bet on.

    • Honestly, i loved Rebels & Primal Force.

    • Hey, I liked Primal Force! A mystical equivalent to the JLA, with Dr Mist as a member…Hmmmmmmm, sounds familiar. (Justice League Dark, I’m looking at you!)

    • Avatar photo Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

      I agree: Starman, R.E.B.E.L.S. and Primal Force were great titles.

    • There was a great epidode of Dinosaurs called “What Sexual Harris Meant” but I digress

    • I’ve been blaming Harras for this since it started. He was in on ruining Marvel creatively and like the locust plague he is he has moved on to DC.

      The 1990’s called Bob Harras, they want their misfires back…

  6. When will they stop calling it the New 52?

    • After the 52nd issue.

    • I have a feeling it’s going to end up like New Avengers. 8 years from now we’ll still be calling it “new”

    • Avatar photo Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

      One would hope they drop that after one year.
      But my guess is, until they find a new slogan or mega-crossover.

    • Well, I guess it depends on when you think the previous continuity started. The first Crisis was in 1986 and Zero Hour was in 1994 (did Infinite Crisis or Final Crisis effect the continuity much? I’ve never read those), so the pre-New 52 continuity had been around for 17-21 years. So assuming this continuity lasts about as long, I’d say “New” is an okay descriptor for another year or two.

    • After they reboot for the 52nd time?

  7. I genuinely try but this is the kind of stuff that just pushes me away entirely. I’d rather support some great indie/creator-owned books than play these games and keep up with Marvel or DC. DC had a great thing going but at the end of the day they are letting greed rule the day… First it was capitalizing on the great new run on Batman by turning it into a half-baked “event” and now stringing it out artificially instead of letting the story be told, now it is further drawing it out with the Talon story to the point that it has lost any and all magic it had. A shame.

    • I don’t think you can fairly label it as greed. Making piles of money and pulling stunts to get even more is greed, a la the 90s. Shrinking sales and fierce competition with another company and then pulling stunts is desperation, and I say with with no value judgement on product quality.

    • I really disagree that the Night of the Owls event in Batman was “half baked” – did you read any of the other books? Seemed like it was well thought out and flowed together nicely – unlike the AvX crossover going on right now, which feels like a jumbled, repetitive mess.

      In multiple interviews Snyder has said that it wasn’t required that you buy every title involved to know what was going on and that it was up to the individual creators how involved they wanted to be. I personally skipped out on Batwing and Birds of Prey and don’t feel like I missed anything. And for the titles it did affect, it really didn’t interfere too much with the ongoing storylines.

      I’m usually against crossovers and “events,” but this one was really put together with some thought.

    • Yeah you can dislike the story I guess but to say its half baked doesn’t sound right. The story has the feel that it is re-writing the continuity of the Bat-universe in well structured ways. Half-baked to me is when teams of superheroes fight each other. Over and over and over again.

    • The Night of the Owls was very half-baked in the #9 issue of All Star Western. No way that story needed a Talon in it and it seemed totally out of place.

      I don’t like the new concept for an on-going for Talon. I was hoping that one of the bat titles would have Batman follow Talon into the sewer and we’d find ourselves having another big-bad guy in Gotham. It’s not everyday you can introduce a bad guy into Batman’s world that could have the staying power of a Penguin or Two-Face. Talon could’ve been that new baddie. I hope they don’t try to spin him as a hero.

    • I’ll agree that Night of the Owls is was half-baked, most of those other titles would’ve benefited more from continuing their own stories more instead of bringing Batman’s current crisis into them. Not terrible, for the most part I’d call the issues “okay” but ultimately less good than what the books had going on otherwise.

      Court of the Owls itself in Batman though, terrific stuff that I’m loving.

  8. I’m in for Batman Inc Issue 0 and Talon, which sounds like an awesome series concept.

  9. Interestingly, I am up for all 4 of these new titles. I could see Sword of Sorcery being something that my wife really likes. I am pretty sure I am not reading any of the books that will likely be cancelled as a result of these new titles, as I really only read books that are in the top half of DC’s current line-up. I would not be surprised if DC goes purely by the numbers and culls the lowest four books. I wonder what those are.

  10. They all sound interesting as of right now i’m more drawn to Phatom Stranger and Team 7. I”ve been wondering if Phatom Stranger and Spectre were going to get a series. When the New 52 were announced I thought JL Dark might consist of Spectre, Phatom Stranger and The Shade.

  11. Regardless of Didio writing it I’m super excited for the phantom stranger series because ive always thought he he was an interesting character. I don’t care much about the rest though

    • Yeah, Didio makes me nervous. But I’ll give it a shot.

    • Did either of you read OMAC?

    • What @adrianrigter is not saying is that OMAC was awesome.

    • It should be a fun 8-10 issues.

    • @adrianringter – thanks for the reminder! Yes, I did enjoy OMAC. I think I’m still scarred by his run on Outsiders. And even though I really enjoyed OMAC, I’m still not a huge fan of his writing style (I almost didn’t get past the first issue of OMAC because of the writing – it did get better, though).

    • Be happy with a well executed Phantom Stranger series that gets to issue 10. Seriously, it won’t go that far, but there is a cool story to be told. So enjoy it for what it is. I’ve gotten over my old habit of wanting a long run. I want greatness even if in a short burst.

  12. I guess seeing as we aren’t obliged to buy all the New #52 range and the ones I do get regularly are fresh and exciting (including several of the second wave: Dial H, Batman Incorporated etc.) I’m looking forward to September, especially the prospect of four new titles.

    Didn’t we have an article a few days ago about how comic companies can’t win? If DC hadn’t revamped their lineup they’d still be getting hassle for how dull Action Comics / Detective Comics / Batman / Superman etc. were as they reached issue number #1,000 or something, and now they are getting criticised for the apparent overcomplexity of calling stand alone issues “#0” and every six months cancelling a-half-handful of comics that nobody was reading anyway.

  13. DC please do an Jem/ Amythyst Princess of Gemworld crossover and make it extremely pink and campy!

  14. So many people are getting their panties in a bunch over nothing with these zero issues. Who’s to say they won’t be fun and exciting, it’s not like they are hiring a bunch of hobos of the street to write and draw them. If your not reading comics to enjoy them, why read comics at all.

    • Well said. Would be people still complain if these were all #13 with a “Flashback Month” banner?

      (I know the answer is “yes” because this is the Internet, but I like to imagine the complaining wouldn’t be as inane).

    • I can understand the complaining, because bottom line is DC editorial is making every title do this flashback thing for one month of their ongoing story. I’m sure not every writer had this in mind, and it’s safe to say not every single one will end up good.

      Pretty much, I’d like to see writers left alone to tell their stories. Sure, ideally this will lead to some nice one shots, and I’m personally not complaining, but it is another case of marketing first.

  15. Although mystique is a big part of the Phantom Stranger’s appeal, I am greatly enjoying the storyline between him and Pandora. The promise of further integration of titles and some explanation of the origin of this new universe (and possibly a new Question series, fingers-crossed) leave me quite excited for the #0 issues.

    While I retain some misgivings about all the continuity that was left in the dust, I truly admire the unprecedented trailblazing that’s going in the new 52. New is truly the operative word

  16. So all 52 titles are getting 0 issues?

  17. As an old-school WildStorm/Gen13 fan, I’m pretty excited for Team 7 and how the concept/team will be moved to the new DCU.

    • Hopefully they can do it right this time with Grifter.

      Also, does this mean Birds of Prey is gonna get cancelled if Dinah is on Team 7?

    • @wangman: The first clause in the Team 7 description is “Set in the early days of DC COMICS”, so I don’t think there’ll be any conflict.

    • The team seven book takes place in the past.

    • Plus, it’s very possible that the Dinah that is mentioned is Black Canary’s mom.

    • But that would make Steve Trevor and Cole Cash much older than they’ve been depicted

    • @Heroville — Not really, since Superman only first appeared publicly 5-6 years ago. Their ages could be fudged by that amount without completely messing up the continuity. I’m more curious how they’ll integrate Cole Cash into this. I only read the first 5-6 issues of Grifter. Did they ever give any indication before now he was anything other than a con man?

      It’s always possible that I skimmed past that clue, but I was just under the impression that he was a lifelong con until the Daemonite mess started.

    • Never read the windstorm stuff. I will try if I like the creative team.

  18. What he said.

  19. I think Talon, The Phantom Stranger and Team 7 all look very intresting. Team 7 is the one I’m most looking forward to.
    At this point i’m not sure about the 0 issues Orgin stories are very hit or miss for me (more often miss). Maybe when September gets a little closer I will be more excited.

  20. Overall I’m excited for the new books (and even the #0 issues), but I’m really hoping that since they’re adding Slade Wilson to the Team Seven, they can just cancel Deathstroke already (couldn’t they just cancel Rob Liefeld?? lol).

    • “couldn’t they just cancel Rob Liefeld??”

      I’d be fine with that! 😉

    • Agreed, Rob is just writing another run-of-the-mill mercenary. I really miss seeing the complex motivations of the character. Also, he doesn’t team-up unless it’s really the only way to accomplish something. It’ll be interesting to see how the team assembles as a sort of Batmanesque contingency plan against Big Blue

  21. Interested in phantom stranger and sword of sourcery. Not interested in Talon (love the batman story, but don’t need any more of it. Not interested in Team seven, but i hope Jordan does well. Looks too much like blackhawks for me.

  22. Team Seven and Phantom Stranger have caught my eye. And I admit to a curiousity about Talon, thought my first thought was, “Isn’t that a bit Azrael-like?”

    But my bigger concern is what titles get cancelled. Because I really like Resurrection Man, for example. And Birds of Prey. So I hope they aren’t going anywhere.

    Take Grifter/Hawkman/Firestorm/Deathstroke first, IMO!

  23. For those asking about the other 3 titles being cancelled the article about this on IGN had thois info:

    “Last time DC launched new titles – dubbed the Second Wave back in May – they also lost a few of the original relaunch books, keeping the number of series in the DCU proper at 52. This time, however, that’s not the case. When I asked DC about this, they confirmed that they will indeed be publishing more than 52 titles come September. This doesn’t mean nothing will be getting canned – Justice League International has already been rumored to be ending at #12 in August, and Aaron Lopresti joining Sword of Sorcery appears to confirm this — but it looks like they are no longer holding onto the “52 titles” rule.”


  25. I knew they were gonna be doing a Talon book. Totally saw that one coming, and I’m on board. I’m curious about the Team 7 book as well. I’ll check out the first issues of the other two, but I doubt I’ll be on board for too long with those.

  26. March off Catwoman?


  27. Darn. I was hoping for Doom Patrol to be in the third wave.

  28. Didn’t Batwoman already have a 0 issue?

  29. Hopefully some of the #0 issues will explain this new mess of a continuity.

  30. Justice League International gone for sure.

    As for the other 3, probably Grifter since he’s not selling well AND he’s being moved to Team 7

    Captain Atom, please

    and also probably Legion Lost since the concept for that screamed “limited series” from the start.

  31. Say what you will, but I’ll take a zero issue over a point-1 issue anyway as far as numbering gimmicks go.

  32. We can’t go by the numbers for guessing which books will be cancelled. JLI was selling well, no way in any cutting zone. However there it goes anyway (I’ve got to get a Booster fix somehow). O.M.A.C. was cancelled in the first wave even though it sold better and reviewed better than Captain Atom. So it seems to me, any book in the bottom half sales wise is fair game. I’m already losing JLI I hope I don’t loose any more.
    As for the 4 new books, I’m on for Phantom Stranger, the S of S book, maybe TEAM 7. Talon looks to be just another Bat-family book, which we don’t need more of.

    • OMAC didn’t sell better than Captain Atom. I keep hearing this on various sites. Who is making this up? Captain Atom was only outsold by Hawk & Dove. OMAC did have more critical praise. I’m wondering where the team members from JLI will appear next.

  33. Very excited for Team 7! Big fan of the original incarnations from Wildstorm.

  34. After I saw the headline, I was sure there was going to be a Fourth World title in the mix.

  35. Wow. The Batman storyline is doing so well they’re making a “Talon” book? That means something. It’s good to know people still can recognize a good comic when they see one, and still is not everything about the action and splash pages. 🙂

  36. When are they going to bring back Jim Corrigan as The Spectre. Let Scott Snyder write that one and put Kelley Jones on as artist.!!!

  37. I’ll agree that some of the books since the reboot have been pretty decent, but in general I have been disappointed with DC. In my thirty years of reading comics this is the first time I have more Marvel books on my pull list than DC. DC is just outgrowing this fan and it’s pretty sad. If things continue in this direction at DC and they don’t reboot the reboot I can see myself saying goodbye to the new DC and hello to my DC long boxes.

  38. I wonder if JLI, instead of being cancelled, will transition over to a new title with a new creative team, a la Thunderbolts to Dark Avengers, in a September #0 issue. Just a thought.

  39. We need a red robin book just saying

  40. phantom stranger! wheres the spectre though?

  41. I’m up for the Talon comic but I’m a little worried about March. I pray that Tynion won’t add in women just for the sake of March drawing them in ridiculous poses. Also, Phantom Stranger sounds good but I wish there was a better artist for the title….But OMAC was fun so we’ll see about this.

    • A better artist than Brent Anderson? Wow…who are you wanting Frank Frazetta or Neal Adams? Anderson is a hell of a good artist and a damn fine storyteller (Astro City is always GREAT!)

  42. Looking forward to some of the 0-issues more than the others.

    Also looking forward to Talon and maybe Team 7. PS is iffy with DiDio at the helm.

  43. Didn’t they announce this 2 months ago?

  44. Aw. When I saw “Sword of Sorcery” I thought they were going to bring back the old version from the 70s, starring Fritz Lieber’s Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. I still have some of those, with very early Howard Chaykin art.