DC Announces New Creative Teams For SWAMP THING & RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS

Late on Friday, DC dropped the news about two new creative teams.

First up, Swamp Thing!


Swamp Thing #19 cover by Andy Brase

Taking over for the fan favorite team of Scott Snyder, Yanick Paquette, and Marco Rudy are writer Charles Soule and artist Kano. Soule has earned accolades for his fantasy and horror-tinged creator-owned series 27 published by Image Comics. Kano is an industry veteran who has worked extensively in comics for about 15 years. The first issue featuring the new creative team is Swamp Thing #19 and it hits in April.

Next, Red Hood and the Outlaws!


Red Hood and the Outlaws #19 cover by Mico Suayan

When original creative team Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort moved over to handle Superman, it was only a matter of time before a new team would be announced for Red Hood and the Outlaws. Beginning in April with Red Hood and the Outlaws #19, the new creative team of writer James Tynion IV and artist Mico Suayan will guide the (sometimes controversial) adventures of Red Hood, Starfire, and Arsenal. Tynion IV is a protege of Scott Snyder and has been writing Talon and the back-ups in Batman. Suayan has spent most of his career at Marvel, most recently drawing two issues of Greg Rucka’s The Punisher.


  1. Are proteges common among comic writers? I’ve never read or heard anything explaining the professional relationship between Snyder and James Prince Robot Tynion IV. I mean, I think it’s great; more comic writers should use the Sith model in my opinion.

    • JMS and Fiona Avery, Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates, BMB and Brian Reed. There are a few more I’m not thinking of at the moment, but it’s a not-all-too-uncommon occurrence.

    • He was a writing student of Snyder’s I believe.

    • ResurrectonFlan is right: Snyder gives writing classes at the uni, and met and helped James Tynion IV there.

      It’s not the first writer Scott Snyder backed up: Kyle Higgins (the current writer of Nightwing) was vividly supported at DC by Snyder a year and so ago.

    • While I wouldn’t quite say ‘proteges’, both Matt Fraction and Jonathan Hickman started working for Marvel co-writing with bigger Marvel writers (at the time), Ed Brubaker and Brian Bendis respectively. In fact, more recently, Sam Humphries started working for Marvel by co-writing Ultimates with Hickman.

  2. Both of these books will be gone by this time next year.

    Like that Brase cover though.

  3. I’m going to miss Snyder on Swamp Thing but I’m a big enough fan of the character to stick around.

  4. Wow judging by that cover Swampy is going in a completely different direction to Snyders. I think it’s for the best though. Snyder’s run has really began to lose steam in this Rotworld crossover with Animal Man. I think they both had a solid idea but executed it the wrong way.

  5. Great, now my two favorite comics are going to suck.

    • What have we got here, another comedian?

    • Whoa man, you haven’t even read them yet. I understand that a creative team leaving a book is always disappointing, but the new creative teams seem interesting. Both writers are fairly new to the comics scene, these guys could be the next Snyder or Aaron. I’m bummed that Snyder won’t be writing Swamp Thing, but I’m excited to see what some new creative blood does for the character…..and if it sucks, well, I don’t have to buy it.

      There’s plenty of other fish in the sea.

  6. I’d like to see some new team members join the Outlaws.

    • I’d like to see Red Hood take on his roll as a vigilante who kills criminals. After reading under the red hood, battle for the cowl, and morrison’s run on batman and robin, I thought I was going to get a book of shooting criminals in the face and overall badassory(yes). Instead we got adventures of angsty Jason and slutty alein…in space.

    • What’s with the slut shaming deepspacesamurai? She’s been sleeping pretty consistantly with Roy since issue 1, she may or may not have slept with Jason and Dick Grayson prior to issue one, so I’m not too sure why she’s a slut. Other than dressing provocatively.

    • Calling Starfire a slut is like accusing Spock of being insensitive. There is no such thing as sexual repression where she’s from, so applying our standards and expectations to a character like her doesn’t work.

      Any strong female character who’s sexually liberated is usually branded a slut. Then when the people in charge make an attempt to alter the character, the character’s popularity takes a nose dive.

      Remember when the New 52 redesigns came out and so many of the scantily clad ladies had been redressed to be more conservative? Good times. Some of those designs never even made it to print. Wonder Woman dropped her pants within a year, and Starfire’s current costume is even more provocative than her previous one. I mean, look at the image above. A strong breeze could blow that thing open. She might as well be wearing pasties. At least her pre-relaunch costume was drawn to imply that it was some kind of armored two-piece.

      Anyway, while the fictional women’s lib activists do have some good points, I always felt that Starfire was the exception to the rule. The idea that she’s of a race who are very sexually active and nude is her natural state is a big part of her character. I always enjoyed that she never understood what the big deal was, and I don’t mean that in a creepy way.

  7. That is a bad ass cover for Red Hood and the Outlaws. While I’ve missed Rocafort’s art since he moved to Superman, Lobdell has stayed on since, and his story has been incredibly fun. Hopefully the new team can keep the mix of funny and action coming along.

  8. If the preview art is any indication, at least Kano is bringing Swampy back to the way he should look. Was never a fan of the armored Swamp Thing look.

  9. I’m definitely going to give Red Hood a try now with Tynion writing it. I’m glad he’s getting his own corner of the Batman universe to try out. Although I’m not sure if I am a fan of Mico Suayan’s art. I’m just seeing previews online of his previous work and admittedly I never bought a book with him as artist. But I’ll give it a shot and not fully judge till later.

  10. I am excited about this! I love Snyder on Batman but his Swamp Thing has been too inconsistent. Ready for a new direction!

  11. I wasn’t excited until I saw these covers. I’m really looking forward to the switch.

  12. I am not familiar with any of Soule’s work, but I read an interview with him about his picking up the reins on Swamp Thing and I like what he had to say. I was also a big fan of Kano’s work on Gotham Central, so despite my serious disappointment in Snyder/ Paquette/ Rudy leaving the title, I am optimistic that it will continue to be a quality book.

  13. Jason Todd was Robin when i first started reading comics. i love the Under the Red Hood story. i would really like to enjoy the character again. this might be where i start.

  14. I love Snyder’s Swamp Thing, it sucks to see him go. I’ll try a couple of issues, if it works, it works, if not… I’m out.

  15. I don’t know Soule’s work, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for a couple issues at least. Didn’t Kano do some fill in work at some point during Snyder’s run? Or maybe he did the annual? (I’m sorry, it’s Saturday morning and I’m too lazy to drag out my long boxes :)). As for Brase that cover is first rate.

    I dropped off reading Red Hood regularly, though I did feel it got better as it went along. I’ve enjoyed Tynion’s back up stories in Batman, so I’m curious where he’ll take Red Hood. My budget’s tight, so I may still need to pass . . .

  16. I enjoyed seeing Swamp Thing back in action and Snyder did a good job but I think the art was better than the story, Paquette was nailing it everytime. But there are 2 different kind of Swamp Thing’s in my mind, the bright, colourful, nature filled one and then the dark, horrifying one. From the cover, it’s good to see the second.

    I’ll give it a few issues and see if it grabs me, which I sincerely hope it does. There is no reason to believe this new team can’t do it.

  17. Swamp Thing really lost steam after the first arc, IMO, and I dropped it during Rotworld because of the glacial pace. Looking to get back on with a new team.

  18. I’m on board with this change. I agree with a lot of folks that Snyders run has felt far to repetitive and his Swamp Thing feels off to me somehow. Also Paquette’s art has worn on me also. He is an excellent artist and his layouts are great, but it just feels so busy and hectic – little room to breathe, such thick inkings. Maybe not exactly my cup of tea – at least for all the time.

  19. Mico Suayan for Red Hood does some amazing looking stuff.

  20. I say welcome changes for both titles, although I’m not familiar with Kano’s art, that Andy Brase cover looks great and is perfect for Swamp Thing, wish he was the interior as well. I liked Rocafort’s art for Red Hood & the Outlaws but Suayan will bring a welcome fresh look and probably draw some new readers. I haven’t been reading either one since #1 of RH&TO and #13 of Swampy, I loved the book until that Rotworld crossover started, that got carried away and made Paquttes work not as interesting for me.

  21. As sad as I am to see Scott leave, it’s going to help lighten the impact on my wallet. And because I really only read Animal Man for the Red/Green/Rot tie together, that will also be leaving my list. But you know, someone else will come along and make me buy more stuff…it’s rough.

  22. Too bad about Snyder leaving, but his run had gotten pretty stale after the first few issues. I’ll use this as a jumping off point for Swamp Thing and Animal Man both. Pendulum is really swinging away from DC and toward marvel/image lately. I hope DC can come up with something new and noteworthy soon.

  23. Wait, wait, wait, people like Red Hood and the Outlaws? Unironically?

  24. Charles Soule and artist Kano have pretty big shoes to fill on Swamp Thing, but I’ll be on board to see where they take it next.

    As for Red Hood…. well, I’ve only been buying the “death” tie-ins and I can’t really afford to add it to my already -too- lengthy pull list anyway. But I wish the new team the best of luck.