Danai Gurira Cast as Michonne on ‘The Walking Dead’

Late Sunday, AMC announced that Danai Gurira has been cast in the fan-favorite role of the sword wielding Michonne on The Walking Dead.

Gurira plays “Jill” on HBO’s Treme, and as much as I love that show I have no idea who that is.

The second season finale of The Walking Dead aired tonight so there will be more on this development later as I have to go watch it.


  1. Well she looks the part, which is the one good thing I can say about the show at this point. Every actor looks exactly like their comic counterpart. So I’m sure when the Governor shows up he’ll look EXACTLY like he does in the comic.

  2. Michonnes was the best part of this entire season. From her hood and sword to the armless jaw-less zombies leashed to her, it was awesome.

    • They certainly nailed her look. I had a number of relatives call me up excited when they saw her. “Who’s the guy with the sword and the zombie slaves?” Next season should be fun.

  3. Looks good to me

  4. Looking forward to next season.

  5. Flashgordon23 Flashgordon23 (@flashgordon23) says:

    Can’t wait for season 3! It’s going to be so bad ass

  6. On Treme she’s Delmond’s girlfriend from New York right? It was such a smaller part I’m even questioning myself but I’m pretty sure that’s who she is.

    • Yeah, when I saw her pic I was like “It’s the jazz guy’s girlfriend!” She’s a pretty accomplished stage actress but you get no idea of her acting skills from Treme. “Girlfriend” characters are usually not that robust. Certainly not as robust as “sword wielding zombie killer.” Such a pivotal new character to the show, I’m sure she’ll nail it. She can start by beheading T-dog. I can’t think of a more underused character in television. 2 season’s and his only role on the show was to accentuate Merle’s racism.

  7. She will be a great addition to the cast. Looking forward to her next season.

  8. Wonder if she’ll have a wig so her hair looks like Michonne’s?