It’s been an ongoing theme, but the solicit suggests that there could be yet more Ape on Ape violence. Also, it looks like the apes are bringing sexy back. Or chasing it away, as the case may be. JT’s gonna be livid.

It ships in June.

Post-cataclysm cleanup is turning out to be just as dangerous as the calamity itself, as Doctor Zaius struggles to keep a fractured society together. Ape must not harm ape, but soon there may be no choice..

Author(s): Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman
Artist(s): Damian Couceiro
Cover Artist(s): Garry Brown


  1. This apes series.. all of them from boom.. have been consistently above average. Better than a lot of DC and Marvel stuff .. and image stuff for that matter.

  2. I just bought the first series of these minis, they are great books.

  3. GET MORE APES! All the Apes books from BOOM! have been outstanding. Highly entertaining with great art. Totally worth your bucks.

  4. I bought a bunch of POTA back issues by Dark Horse recently in a sale. haven’t read them them yet but i’m curious to see how they compare to Boom’s Cataclysm series which so far is awesome