Hello, and welcome to Job Evaluations. We stumbled upon a box of files here at the iFanboy HQ. Inside that box were performance reviews for jobs kept by many of the characters we read about week to week. Let’s dive in!

Today’s evaluation:


NAME: Ray Palmer




SCHOOL: Ivy University


EVALUATED BY: Ivy’s Students


Every semester, professors must hand out evaluation forms to their students. We came across three forms from Ray Palmer’s class. Here are their highlights.

“Dr. Ray Palmer was often late for his own class or he would send a sub. There were a lot of substitutes.”
“He would rush in just in time but would be all flustered. Sometimes he looked like he just had gotten into a fight or something. He was very strange.”
“If the professor doesn’t show up within the first ten minutes, everyone gets to leave right? That’s the rule isn’t? I announced it at the beginning of class everyday.”

“Dr. Ray Palmer knows everything but sometimes he would be really distracted by stuff outside the classroom.”
“He would take personal calls a lot. Once I swear he got into an argument with his wife. Very unprofessional.”
“He never let us have class outside! Not once! I asked this everyday.”

“It would have helped if he projected his voice a little louder during lectures.”
“His handwriting was very tiny on the blackboard. I could barely read it.”
“He didn’t get me excited about the material. That’s his fault right!”

“He handed out a test and still had the study guide notes up on the blackboard.”
“Once while we took an exam, he sat at his desk and stared at a picture of what I am assuming is his wife. Then he began to sob. It was very distracting.”
“He said we wouldn’t have to know dates. And one of the tests had dates on it. I brought this up everyday!”

“I would not recommend him as a teacher. He also was never at his scheduled office hours. I even tried to follow him one day to talk about an exam and it was as if he just disappeared. ”
“The man definitely has some personal problems that he can’t keep out of the classroom. Just seeing his sadness made my soul hurt. I plan on dropping out of college now.”
“Yeah, I’d take him again.”

I am sorry. I am going to need a sub today. Call Ryan Choi. He can take my spot. I am sure he will be great if not better.


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  1. These were great. I was a TA in grad school for intro to Poli Sci classes and I was responsible for collecting professor evals. These are prescient. Especially the ones about class outside.

  2. Awwwwww. My poor Ray.

  3. “Call Ryan Choi. He can take my spot. I am sure he will be great if not better.”

    I giggled.

  4. Great work, Timmy. All the wife stuff made me laugh.

    My favorite Atom-as-teacher moment happened in a Mark Millar written issue of JLA. In it, Ray had shrunk down his office into a subatomic space and told students that he’d left the final exam’s answer key on his desk there. If they could find a way to see it or shrink themselves down to read it, they were free to ‘cheat.’

  5. This was perfect. I totally forgot about the “10 min rule”, so funny- ” yeah I’d take him again” !

    And yes, Ryan choi was great, I loved that Adam series! Have they brought choi back yet?

  6. I love Ray Palmer… learning but everyone passes.

  7. OMG the him sobbing at the picture of his wife is the saddest/funniest thing I have ever read. Very well done!

  8. “Just seeing his sadness made my soul hurt.”