Buy Skottie Young’s Digital Bernard Collection for Two Bucks

Last year, Eisner winning artist Skottie Young released a collection of The Adventures of Bernard the World Destroyer in print form.  It was $15, which was a good deal for some work from a great artist.  But now you can buy the digital version for a lousy $2.  For that, you'll get 72 black and white pages in PDF form, with bonus art by Tom Fowler, Mike Norton, Nic Klein, Rafael Albuquerque, Darren Rawls, Chris Samnee and more. It's about little green alien, but honestly, with these artists, does it matter what it's about?

To put some context on that, Skottie is a Marvel exclusive creator, but he's doing some creator owned work, and just putting it out there.  Now, he's experimenting with selling it, himself, in different forms, giving the consumers the choice (and a hell of a bargain) all at the same time.  In today's market, these are the kinds of things savvy creators can be doing to expand their footprint, and create a little more variety for themselves. 

If you're still all about print (not that there's anything wrong with that), you can also get the book at a discounted $10.  Either way, it's a perfect way to directly support a comic book creator. Dude's got a wife, a kid, and a big ass dog!  Throw him some bones, people!


  1. Read this as it was coming out and it’s awesome.

    Absolutely worth the $2 if only to see the bonus art which is all fantastic.

  2. Bought.  Looks like fun.

  3. Bought it.  I will ALWAYS support efforts like this.

  4. This is how you do digital comics. Well done Skottie.

  5. Excellent. This is a done deal 🙂

  6. Bought. Hope you get a referral ifanboy;)

  7. Nice! Good stuff.

  8. Sweet!

  9. Sold – I love stories about little green aliens.

  10. Bought!

  11. That was way to easy.  Skottie Young art for $2.  You would be dumb (and cheap) not to get this.

  12. very cool idea. Love it. 

  13. I bought it, even though I hate PDF’s. This is digital comics I can get behind.

  14. Not a fan of digital comics, so I bought the book via paper format.

  15. PDF bought! 🙂

  16. That is awesome.  I feel like for digital comics to succeed they either need to be free of restrictions, just like the print, or they need to be far cheaper than print to mitigate the fact that your use of the comic remains in control of a third party.  Scottie has done both with this, making it ridiculously cheap and, as far as I can tell, DRM-free.  Way to go.