‘Arrow’ – S01E06 – “Legacies”

This show is like the anti-Smallville with the early big-ish name DCU guest stars.

Here’s how “Legacies” is described:

A gang of bank robbers, dubbed The Royal Flush Gang, hits a local bank and seriously wounds an off-duty police officer during a heist. Diggle (David Ramsey) tells Oliver (Stephen Amell) he needs to deviate from his father’s list and start helping the citizens of Starling City. Meanwhile, Tommy (Colin Donnell) asks Thea (Willa Holland) for relationship advice, but things get awkward when she realizes he was asking about Laurel (Katie Cassidy). Moira (Susanna Thompson) confronts Oliver about all of his recent disappearances in the middle of family functions.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Damn, I saw that pic and first thought we were going to find out who Wild Dog was. I’ll take the Royal Flush gang though for sure!

    Can’t wait.

  2. This show has been a real surprise for me. I wasn’t even planning on watching the pilot, but six episodes later, it’s one of my favorite shows.


    “No one says that anymore.” 🙂

  3. References to Coast City and a “red cape,” meaning Superman, presumably. The writers are just being mean now.

    • And they mentioned Keystone City!! I love all the comic book references.

      Also, did anyone even catch that when the Flush gang was talking about ‘who was that guy’?, the father said “THIS city’s vigilante”.

      THIS city’s vigilante… which could imply, you know, every city has their own vigilante! lol.

    • @JesseCuster: The father said “The local vigilante.”

  4. More of a ho hum episode this time around. I would have liked to have seen more overall development with the on-going themes. Looks like they are slow burning the Ollie/ Laural relationship where she hopefully dons the Black Canary moniker. I kept waiting for a cliff hanger to lead into the next episode but it never came. The one when Ollie got arrested had me on the edge of my seat wanting more.

  5. Whenever I talk about this show with my friends I always insist on calling it Green Arrow and saying it takes place in Star City. I don’t know what this “Arrow” and “Starling City” business is about.

  6. Ive yet to watch this show I have three episode on my dvr. Maybe this weekend I will been hearing a lot of good about this show

  7. Sort of an average episode this time around but still worth watching.

    I don’t have any glaring problems with the show, my only issues have to do with character development. First, I hope they wrap up the business on the island by the end of this first season. Then, we can move onto more mature storytelling with multiple episode (even season long) arcs. The story line between Ollie and his mother as well as the Ollie/Laurel/Tommy triangle all need to be more clearly defined. It wouldn’t hurt to be more transparent with these aspects.

    My biggest gripe is that villains don’t last, which alludes back to wanting longer arcs. Stop burning through villains just for the sake of throwing in as many comic book characters to appease us fanboys. We like seeing the characters come to life but we’re not simpletons; we respond well to sophisticated plots just as well.

    All that being said, I very much enjoy the show and the promise it has. I think that Diggle has the most potential of any character on this show (followed by Laurel then Thea).

    • The producers have said multiple times that the Island Flashbacks will be ongoing as the mysteries from the island are slowly revealed.

      while they may potentially be ep’s without a flashback they will be a constant for the series.
      in fact the last scene of the last episode is planned to be the ship arriving at the island to rescue Oliver.

      We’re also supposedly getting the Big Bad for the season in “Count Vertigo” some of the underlying plot points have already been included.

      One subtle thing I liked in last nights show was the use of color for Willa Holland’s Thea (Speedy) First she was in a red top and then later a Gold and Black outfit…both colors for Speedy Costumes! 🙂

  8. This episode was OK, not as exciting as seeing Deathstroke in last week’s episode. I loved the reference to the Royal Flush Gang. I love John Diggle, but I’m worried that they will kill him off. Hollywood always does that for characters of color. Maybe they will make him Bronze Tiger?

    Give me Laurel as Black Canary, give me Thea as Speedy, give me Merlyn. I need more Fanboy and less soap opera. I hope this show becomes the next Smallville and have a 10-year run and not the next Birds of Prey with only 13-episodes.

  9. Trick arrows! I liked the episode overall. It did some important things, like introduce trick arrows and a reluctance to kill on Ollie’s part, which is welcome. Giving him a reason to do more than go after “the list” was also a welcome opportunity to mix up the show a bit. I continue to appreciate the “shades of gray” in terms of “good guys” and “bad guys” and relationships.

    I did think the action this episode, including the affect of the “cable-arrows” were a little below par. They set a pretty high bar in the first 5 episodes though, so I’m willing to give a pass. 🙂

  10. Also, I could have done without the shameless, frivolous, and obvious plugs for Windows. C’mon….

  11. I totally loved the re-vamped version of the Royal Flush Gang. Stuff like that works so well, and I’m also glad to see most comments agree. It reminds me quite a bit of the Nolan-verse. This version of Green Arrow very well could be in the same universe as Nolan’s Batman.

    • I had wondered if they wouldn’t bring in Ace until the last fight, and he’d be some big steroid dude. But having the Queen be the unrevealed member until later in the show worked well. I thought that was cool how Ollie figured that out.

  12. Six episodes in and I am still loving this show. I loved the debate Ollie had with Diggle about how he doesn’t fight street crime, he is going after the cause of the problem, not the symptoms. Very interesting point of view and one we rarely see in comics. Love this show!