Archaia Debuts The Grave Doug Freshley Digitally

Today Archaia announced that they were releasing the entire 5 issues series, The Grave Doug Freshley digitally on Graphicly.  With the first issue being offered for free, and the remaining 4 issues priced at $1.99.  Reading these 5 issues digitally will be the only way you can read The Grave Doug Freshley, at least until the fall when they are planning a print edition to be offered.  (Disclaimer: iFanboy is owned by Graphicly)

The Grave Doug Freshley is described as "Supernatural Western,' written by Josh Hechinger with art by mpMann, and is a buddy story of a recently deceased farm hand and his young companion seeking revenge on the family that killed them.  Part comedy, part thriller, anyone who's a fan of western based stories will definitely want to check this out.

Reading The Grave Doug Freshley is easy, as it can be accessed on Graphicly through their desktop application or the iPhone or iPad apps, links to thos apps are available at  It's also available on the web in the Graphicly Chrome App

Because we've got the hookups at Graphicly, we're able to provide to you an ultra experimental sample of the first few pages of The Grave Doug Freshley below. You can zoom in with the spacebar and move around the page with your mouse (while holding down the mouse button), or double click to read in the Graphicly flow mode, and you can turn pages by clicking on the arrows on the right and left.  At the end of the preview, you can get the rest of the issue by clicking "Buy Now" but don't worry, the first issue is free, so no actual purchase is required.


Preview and buy this book online at today.

Check out the full series, The Grave Doug Freshley on Graphicly


  1. This should be the new model. love it.

  2. aquaticmatt says:


    AveComics lets you share previews on facebbok, on your own blog and put their viewer anywhere. You also get 2 reading modes : one for smartphones and one for big screens that smartly adjusts it zooming factor/path to the screen size.

    This is one of the main critics I would have with your preview. The zooming is not optimal, making some texts hard to read….and yet the reading is all it is about…

    Otherwise, very slick. 

  3. stuclach stuclach says:


  4. Graphicly Graphicly says:

    @aquaticmatt  Thanks for the feedback! We are updating the technology rapidly – in fact last night we added a couple of features. As soon as Ron can get to it, he will swap out this code with the new one. We added – sharing and fullscreen (which should help with the zooming piece). It is also not flash, so techincally it should work on a smartphone, but its not optimized for that yet.

    Thanks again! 

  5. jdherman says:

    Love the embedded widget.  A great way to distribute graphic goodness everywhere.

    The only problem I’m having is that it’s virtually impossible to read it – even when I zoom in to a section.  It’s just too small.

    A saving grace is the “Check out the full series, The Grave Doug Freshley on Graphicly” link which lets me see the full sized version.

  6. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @jdherman  When you zoom in the type size is not really any different than what we use in an article on iFanboy. Are you zooming in all the way?

  7. Ron Richards ron (@ronxo) says:

    @jdherman I just updated the widget so you can now go Fullscreen with the comic in a new window