5 Ways Superspeed Would Make FLASH’s Francis Manapul’s Life Better + EXCLUSIVE ART

We asked the writer and artist of September's Flash #1 (along with Brian Buccellato) for the five ways superspeed would make his life better. He obliged, and DC Comics also provided us with this exclusive sneak peek at this colored artwork from the upcoming book.

1. Eating extremely well! If I wanted Italian food, Indian food, Chinese food, you name it, it would be just blink away! Not to mention that with my super fast metabolism I can have 2nd, and 3rd helpings!

2. Citizen of the world! Aside from being able to eat anywhere I want. I'd be able to hang out whenever and wherever I want! So friends get your couches ready for me! Wait.. I'm so fast I won't even need to sleep on anyone's pull out! This super speed thing just got better!

3. More social life! I'd be able to speed through my work and spend the rest of the day hanging out. I know cheesy huh? But in this business, we all know this is a luxury that we all don't have much of.

4. Never having to open doors! I mean.. come on. How much time do we waste locking and unlocking, closing and opening doors. I'd just vibrate through everything! That way I won't ever have to worry about never being able to find my keys!

5. No swimming! I won't need to learn how to swim since I can just run on water.

He makes a good point, but I guess Barry doesn't have time to do any of that stuff, since he's always out hero-ing. Thanks Francis!

Now for the art. The man was born to draw Flash. Here we also see that Barry doesn't have to spend a lot of time changing his clothes. So that's another bonus!


  1. WeaklyRoll WeaklyRoll says:

    Please Mr. Manapul, never leave the Flash!

  2. MadMartigan MadMartigan says:

    Wow! Francis Manapul’s Flash is so awesome!  I hope he can write as good as he draws.

  3. ericmci ericmci says:

    Here’s hoping he can use the speed force to give Barry a perosonality.

  4. OnASunday OnASunday says:

    What? People didn’t like that the entire suit came out of the ring? lol

  5. redlibertyx redlibertyx says:

    The new suit-ring-thing is pretty cool looking.

  6. tschafer tschafer says:

    still uses/needs a ring…ugh.

  7. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Wow! Love that transformation! 

  8. azrael1213 azrael1213 says:

    That looks way cooler and is more “believable” than jumping into a wholly formed suit.

  9. RoiVampire RoiVampire says:

    YES! that looks BA

  10. So the lines on the new flash suit get activated Tron style  with Speed Force when he runs? That’s kind of neat.

  11. WeaklyRoll WeaklyRoll says:

    looking at this again, it looks like Barry’s chest logo is the top of his ring. that is very cool!

  12. James696 says:

    wow. Which issue is this from?

  13. mikeandzod21 mikeandzod21 says:

    I still wish Johns was writing this.

  14. Archimedes says:

    If your number one answer isn’t put on a costume and fight crime, you’re doing it wrong. And if your second answer isn’t see what happens when you create a time paradox, you’re not having enough fun.

    I’m glad Manapul is on this, but I still think he’s going to have to work very hard to top John’s run.

  15. 1aurien 1aurien says:

    Epic artwork. Love Manapul’s stuff.

  16. FoeApple FoeApple says:

    I was so honored to meet him at FanExpo, He sketches as fast as the flash runs. I sear to go hes ment for flash!

  17. @FoeApple  Did you ever see him on that show he was on? i think it was called Beast legends? Dude draws ridiculously fast and it looks AMAZING! A serious, serious talent.

  18. AceBathound AceBathound says:

    That transformation was sick!