2012 Comics Predictions

As many of you know I have my fingers in more than just comics. I’m a scientist and also a skeptic (yes, those two do not always go together I’m sorry to say). Something people in the skeptical community like to do at the start of each New Year is make predictions. Why? Because people who claim clairvoyant powers also make predictions and it’s fun to see who has better hits and misses come next December 31st. I thought it might be fun to apply this to comics and see if I couldn’t come up with some amazing predictions for 2012!

5. Tom Katers finishes Aquaman, moves on to Legion of Super-Heroes

Tom Katers will come to the close on another series in his hit podcast, Tom vs. Aquaman. He will decide to move on to the Legion of Super-Heroes. Each episode will run roughly 90 minutes and the majority of the time will be spent introducing characters real names, code names, power sets, and home planets. After realizing he got more than he bargained for, Tom will abandon the show after only 11 episodes. His next podcast will be about baseball players and what comics they probably would like if they read comics. This new show will be an unbridled success.

Many artists used our building as reference for Avengers Mansion.

4. iFanboy headquarters burns to the ground

I can’t control what the Eye of Agamotto shows me. As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad future-news, it appears that the iFanboy HQ will burn down sometime in 2012. Many different explainations will be brought forward to explain the cause of the inferno. Conor will spill a beer on the control console. But Ron will have also recently rewired the flux capacitor. You know, the one next to the broom closet, not the one in the upstairs bathroom. Either of these events could lead to the spark that starts the burn. Police, however, will suspect arson. And even though it will be widely believed that Paul Montgomery perished in the flames (after refusing rescue, of course) there are still those that report seeing a sweaty apparition haunting the ruins of the once great citadel of comics new and opinion. iFanboy will continue to operate from a temporary base in Australia up until the launch of the iFanSatellite in 2013.

3. Josh Flanagan announced as new ongoing writer on The Runaways

After the critical success of his first OGN, A Man from Maine and other alliterative tales of wonder, Marvel will hire Josh Flanagan to reinvigorate their once great series, The Runaways. Flanagan will be hesitant to take the job but will be unable to resist working with Skottie Young. The new series is a hit, thanks in large part to the newly introduced character Arthur from Maine, a young man who ran away from his life in a small fishing village in search of adventure. DC will not sue in 2012, but I cannot yet see into 2013, so who knows?

2. Fables to be brought into the DCU

With the collapse of Vertigo drastic changes will be needed to maintain the few ongoing titles that sell well. Thus, the editorial staff of Vertigo and DC decide to incorporate the Fables universe into the DCU proper. Bigby will be invited into the Justice League, and will decline. Snow White and Lois Lane will become fast friends. And Drs. Mid-Nite and Fate will be hard at work for a cure to Pinocchio’s unfortunate… condition.

It's about time.

1. Gordon the Intern will be promoted

After years in the trenches Gordon the Intern will finally become a full-fledged member of iFanboy. The coronation ceremony will be a somber event presided over by the best and brightest of the comics industry. The Trinity (Ron, Conor, Josh) will use their iFansaber to dub Gordon a knight of the iFanrealm. However, my sight does not reveal who will be selected to replace Gordon, even my powers have limits.



Now if any of these predictions come true just remember you read it I here first. If they fail to come true, remember that my powers of foresight are imprecise and difficult to interpret, so it’s not really my fault. WIN WIN! Regardless, here’s to a fantastic 2012 for comics, iFanboy, and all of you!


Ryan Haupt found writing in fake future past tense to be very difficult. You will have heard him to be talking on his podcast Science… sort of IN THE FUTURE!


  1. NOOOOOOOOO! Gordon will never be promoted! YOU LIE!

  2. I love the preemptive Related Posts. 😛

  3. ha this was great. iFanboy really needs to get cobra style funding. Have a new secret headquarters built on a remote island every week. Thats the way to do it.

    I would totally check out a Josh/Skottie comic. that would be pretty fun times.

  4. Is Vertigo really in trouble? That would be sad day in comics if Vertigo went under…

  5. I’m an LA based college senior majoring in Multimedia, looking for an internship in the Web Industry. Just sayin…

  6. Is Gordon his real name or do you just call him that cause hes got a mustache and looks kinda like everyones favorite Gotham Cop.

  7. I would listen to Tom trying to figure out Legion of Superheroes forever

  8. I wouldn’t mind Fables being brought into the DCU proper. If they can make the Dark books fit in, they can make anything fit.

  9. Katers should do Tom vs. Jimmy Olsen or Tom vs. Lois Lane